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We deliver everywhere up to 35km radius around Melbourne.

From very far east to the wild wild west.

North Melbourne & Footscray local deliveries are free of charge.

Delivery Fees are calculated at checkout.

Meal & Online Shop Items Are Delivered:

Monday & Tuesday

Between 5-8pm


Catering can be arranged anytime during the week.


Our base kitchen is in North Melbourne

47-51 Boundary Rd

You can pickup your order between 4-6pm on Monday or Tuesdays

When you arrive please email us directly and one of the girls will meet you at the front (we are working on a door bell we promise!)

Catering can be arranged for anytime Mon-Sun just email us to arrange this!

Each Fresh Ready Meal is designed for 1 adult


Family Batch meals are designed for bulk buying at a cheaper rate and are purchased minimum of 3 servings PER type of dish you would like

We cater to all stock standard dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free) however for specialised diets like Keto, Low Fodmap have a chat with us so we can personalise something to suit your individual needs – as we know that everyone has different levels with these types of diets.

Our kitchen is a commercial shared space, whilst we do everything possible in creating an allergen friendly environment there are still products like nuts and gluten used in the space. We do pride ourselves on cooking to suit these needs however the space is not deemed free of them and we take no responsibility if chosen to consume.

No, our price is solid no matter what you need. We don’t believe in charging extra because of something you cannot help!

3 x Fresh Ready Meals


3 x Serves of 1 Family Batch Meal


Shop items can be purchased singularly and delivery will be calculated at checkout

Monday Delivery: Midnight Wednesday

Tuesday Delivery: Midnight Saturday

Our new menu goes live every Sunday


All other shop items can be ordered up until midnight the day before delivery


Its brand new and we are so excited.

  1. Create your account
  2. Choose your meals and hit “every week” at the bottom of your menus
  3. Go to checkout and process your order, this is your base order and you can make changes right up until midnight of the delivery cutoff days. Wednesday for Monday Delivery / Saturday for Tuesday delivery
  4. Log onto your account anytime and now you can choose for weeks ahead!
  1. Create your menu like normal
  2. Click the option that says “Every Week” at the bottom of your menu
  3. Put in all your normal delivery details and checkout
  4. You will be charged for your first subscription order, this activates your account and allows you access to menus up to 4 weeks in advance!
  5. From here on out you will not be charged until MIDNIGHT on the day of order cut off: Wednesday for Monday Orders / Saturday for Tuesday Orders
  6. Please make sure you have enough funds in your chosen account for payment to go through successfully, we will retry ONCE more the next day and if payment does not go through again your order will not be processed
  7. You can make changes to your order right up until the cut off window closes.
  8. To do this, go to your account, ‘subscriptions’ and select from the menu drop down for weeks ahead.
  9. If you don’t make your choices then our system will auto select chefs selection and we will allocate your meals for that week.
  10. Now sit back relax and await for your meals each week

We design each meal with vegetable heavy balance, however do not advocate our meals as being a weight-loss option. We are happy to work with you and your health journey in offering low carb, high protein options. However we are not a weight watcher facility.

We base our meals around approximately: 150gm cooked protein / 120-150gm cooked carb / 100-130gm vegetable + nuts, seeds, herbs. We don’t use a lot of oils and butter is nowhere to be seen in our kitchen (sorry nan!)

If you are receiving meals from us – your goodies will arrive in a cooler bag with an ice-pack to keep them nice and chillie. Both our bags & icepacks are reusable. All you have to do is pop them outside before your next delivery is due or if your trying us once off shoot us an email & we will come collect from you on our next route.


Our drivers will all send a text after they have delivered your food. Please note, our drivers will not go up into high rise apartments you will need to come down and collect your food from the foyers where they will wait to sight you before leaving unless instructed otherwise by you.

When you placed your last order with us, you should have made a personal account. All you have to do is jump online and place next weeks order by creating your personal menu again.

We change our menu EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Every Sunday we post our new menu. You have 6 days to pop an order in before we change again!

Please give us at least 48hrs notice for cancellations or changes to your order to receive a full refund OR a credit to use on our shop another time.

We strongly recommend bringing in your food within a 2 hours window of your delivery being made, you will receive a confirmation text when delivery has arrived. If there are any worries about future deliveries you can always contact us directly and we will do our best to deliver in a suitable time frame for you