Family Batch Cooking

Looking for an exciting, fresh &
convenient way to feed the entire family
without the wasteful packaging?

Our family batch meals are made up from the same weekly changing menu, suited to get your family fed without the fuss.

Your order arrives every Monday in our reusable cooler bags and each meal is accompanied with QR code stickers 
that when scanned lead you to a digital page for instructions to heat and eat your delicious goodies.

Sadly our vacuum sealed bags are not compost friendly, so please rinse them out, 
remove the stickers and pop into your soft plastics bin to recycle properly.

You must order at least 3 serves per dish.

1 x serve = 1 adult head OR 2 children heads

For example: A family with 2 adults and 4 kids need 4 servings.

Family Batch Cooking - The Green Chef



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