About Us – The Green Chef

About Us - The Green Chef - The Green Chef

We are Kait & Jorgie

Two gals who have grown up in regional Victoria who have then made the move to experience all things food all around the world, before settling into the buzz that Melbourne hospitality scene has to offer.

Both of us have been on our own health journeys and found how hard it was to be on the go without spending hours in the kitchen, cooking good but FUN food to suit our own dietary needs and lifestyle.

As chefs, this did come easy to us.. then we realised not everyone has this skill! So why not do it for them?

We pride ourselves on creating exciting meals that feel like a big belly hug without the crap and not just steamed veggies with rice.

About Us - The Green Chef - The Green Chef

Our Ethos

We love food and health but also convenience! Growing up in such a fast paced world, it seems the main things we have forgotten about is the environment and personal connection with those around us. We want to be part of the solution, a way to offer convenient, fresh food delivered to your door without losing the touch of the people behind the business and creation.

We want our customers to feel the connection from us by offering personalised menus that cater for all dietary needs so that no one is missing out!

Our Food

We cater for all kinds of diets, with even our meat eaters and the ‘I eat everything’ customer, receiving a variety of different proteins used in their food to align with our values of ‘meat is a treat’. The menus we create are super veggie based, with the majority made in house or sourced from great Melbourne business’. We love showcasing what Melbourne has to offer and why not do that with the help of other local small businesses.

We want to use our food to educate our customers that a balanced diet is possible without feeling restricted or bored with what you are eating.

Let us show you that you can still be excited for that healthy meal without needing sugar or other nasty additives.

Our sustainable approach

A huge difference between us and other delivery services is our approach to sustainability and waste.

We offer a service that is a return option for our reusable bags & ice-packs EVEN IF YOU ARE TRYING US ONCE. We will come around and pick these up so they can be re-used and we save our planet a small piece at a time. Our packaging is completely compostable thanks to pak360 & biopak and super safe to be placed in your green bins!

Waste management as a new business is always hard. We are constantly trying to find ways to minimise our impact, hence the introduction of our salad boxes, where we test our skills at creating something delicious for you at a great price whilst helping us reuse what would have been thrown away!

The Green Chef kicked off right at the beginning of Covid-19 (what timing right?) boy oh boy what a absolute whirlwind that has been. Our mission is to show people how amazing food can be when treated right, no additives, preservatives or unnecessary sugars, just a whole heap of natural goodness.