The Green Chef – Sustainable Food Fresh from Melbourne

Sustainable food fresh from Melbourne tailored to you

What is the Green Chef?

We are two country gals, who have slugged it as qualified chefs for over 8 years. We created this little business to feed the bellies of Melbournians in a fresh and fun way that doesn’t impact the environment!

We specialise in delivered meals, made fresh from a weekly changing menu that features the amazing local and seasonal produce Melbourne has to offer.

Dietaries? – No problem we got you!

The Green Chef - Sustainable Food Fresh from Melbourne - The Green Chef

Nothing boring
happens in
our kitchen

We are the noisy kids on the block! Our loud music and chitter chatter creates the perfect soundtrack to help our crazy brains test and create new and wonderful food for you every week. But please don’t let our terrible dancing trick you, when we are in the kitchen – we mean business. With no job too big or small, we love the thrill of trying new recipes and keeping things interesting.

We’ve both spent many years in the kitchen (not quite too many just yet!) and this has taught us all the tips and tricks we need to help us provide you with an exciting range of goodies, from meals to naughty but nice treats – we’ve got your week sorted!

We believe food is one of the best things in life. PERIOD. And we want nothing more than you guys to feel our happiness and love with every. single. bite.

Well that was a bit cheesy wasn’t it….

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